Corporate Vision

To be the industry’s leading and most esteemed employer by:

  1. Gaining user respect through attentive listening and consistently exceeding their needs and expectations.
  2. Earning employee respect by enhancing our corporate reputation, making KingVape a company employees are proud to be a part of.
  3. Building industry respect by fostering the healthy development of the vaping industry and establishing win-win collaborations with partners.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to foster an alternative lifestyle by:

* Catering to the diverse needs of various regions and consumers with a wide range of specialized products and services.
* Establishing a healthy, mutually beneficial ecosystem through open collaboration with our partners.
* Promoting a healthy and joyful lifestyle for our customers.

Core Values

Pioneering and Innovative

  • Forge ahead with determination, embracing challenges and innovation. Stay passionate and active in all endeavors.

Precise and Efficient

  • Set clear goals and execute with precision. Pursue efficiency and continuously enhance organizational capabilities.


  • Prioritize our clients above all. Deliver sincere and dedicated service. Focus all resources on meeting client needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

Corporate Activities

Annual Carnival

KingVape’s annual carnival is the highlight of the year for our employees and their families. This grand event provides an opportunity for everyone to come together, participate in various fun activities, and create lasting memories.

Team Competitions

At KingVape, every team member has a unique talent! Our friendly competitions in table tennis, snooker, badminton, and more allow employees to showcase their athletic skills. These events often reveal hidden talents and foster a spirit of healthy competition.

Group Tourism

Each year, KingVape organizes a group tour for our staff. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance mutual understanding and build team spirit. We believe that teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

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